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Some important things to know about the 2014 report:

  1. Research was performed online in the second half of 2013
  2. 88 non-profit organizations participated in the final results
  3. Respondents were senior level staff who lead digital at their organization
  4. 47% of respondent organizations were American, 30% were international, 23% were Canadian
  5. A quarter of respondents were from what we will call in the report “very large orgs” (more than 200 staff), a quarter were “large orgs” (51-200 staff), 30% were “medium orgs” (21-50 staff), and 20% were from “small orgs” (1-20 staff)
  6. Top responding sectors by issue were environmental (33%), followed by Human Rights (14%), International Development (10%), and Social Justice (9%)

About NetChange

NetChange Consulting (formerly Communicopia) helps institutions grow influence, engagement and impact by integrating networked thinking into their organizations, campaigns and teams.
Our recent report, Networked Change, highlights the strategies and tactics behind 47 of today’s most successful social change campaigns.

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Contributing Organizations

Responses from 88 non-profits were used in the benchmark, including: